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Wooden house Aquarium projects

posted by Manuel Gaudichon on August 11, 20092 comments

This weekend I visited the exhibition of real estate held at Porte de Versailles in Paris. I came across the stand of a Lithuanian company called Aquarium Projects which offers a very interesting concept of wooden loft house. Besides great prices offered by the manufacturer, it is especially the design of their homes that seduced me. In particular, the range in sapphire caught my attention. These are chic and sleek loft-style homes.

Loft house cube Aquarium projects

Completely full-up, every wooden house has large windows that make the interior very bright. For the exterior, I like the mixture of dark wood and stone siding. The integrated wooden blinds perfectly complement the whole. They structure the space while filtering light and preserving the privacy of the occupants. Frankly, if I build later, this loft-style wooden house will be in pole position on my shortlist.

Loft house Aquarium project

Wooden house with terrace

Among the various models of wooden loft homes proposed, the below ones will have the significant advantage of having an additional terrace. A must for the summer.

Stone and wood house

Another advantage of this living type is the very little time spent in building a wooden house compared to a traditional construction. It takes only 2 months. A considerable asset for a chronically impatient like me.

Modern wooden house

In addition, these design wooden loft houses are environmentally friendly. That could make a difference in the next years.

Design loft house

Contemporary wooden house

Wood loft house

More informations about these contemporary wooden houses on Aquarium projects website.

2 comments on Wooden house Aquarium projects

  • The wooden houses look cool! Just the name “Aquarium” confused me a bit, I was expecting fishes and stuff :p

  • Liloh

    The fishes are the people living in the house. People from outside can watch them moving in the house. I think the name “Aquarium Object” is well choosed, showing a humorous sight of life. ;-)

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